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Requests - OPEN by iSnowFairy
limit of five things on my to-do list at a time with some exceptions (if there are gifts in the list). Requests are always open, however. send me them and i'll keep track of them. Limit of 2-3 things on the to-do list. Requests are open and will be kept track of, but are less likely to be accepted unless you are a friend or have been a watcher for a while. i have a right to not do them at all if i choose, but i often will.
Trades - ASK ME by iSnowFairy
check if my to-do list is full
Commissions - ASK ME by iSnowFairy

-I can't guarantee I'll do your requests, but please feel free to ask, especially if my to-do list is not full.
-In either an art trade, or a request, you must tell me specifically what you want. If you're not happy with the outcome because you weren't specific, it was your fault.
-I don't want really want your money because i draw for fun.
-All art in my gallery is © me (Hawkpath-tail) and I do NOT allow any use of it in any way, unless I give specific permission to do so
-All of my original species are closed, but you may REQUEST adopts or customs of them.
-Adopts are adopts. They are the only thing in my gallery that costs points/money. My prices are reasonable in relation to the work i put into them.

~Stamp: To Do by ToygerCat~
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Gift art for Innali
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Trade with Keprion: Alorixnorn w/ bg (done, but awaiting her half)
Update Sept 6, 2014: Well, it seems i have had a lot more to get readjusted to than i thought i would xD no worries, though. I am back and nearly ready to rock and roll! I need to get used to a new after-school schedule, since I have the school Ipad, and since i have writign and artwork to do. My old plan of going to my room at 9 and writing or drawing until 10 and then going to sleep is just not working and by the end of the week I'm just about falling asleep by the time lunchtime is over. I only have two classes which really require me to do work that sometimes leaves me with homework, which are Anatomy and Physiology, and Pre-Calculus, but really most of the work is remembering the stuff. Aside from that, My first period class is US History, and i have to do that on a computer all by myself, and then i have English, which is boring, and Journalism/Yearbook, which is pretty great i would say. BUT, by some idiocy from when my schedule was being put together, I have been put in two art classes for all year, which puts twice the load of art-related work on my shoulders. I am already a tad behind in my Commercial Art class and am realizing i will end up often using my Drawing and Painting class (which i took all year last year already) to work on projects from Commercial Art. Aside from school, ive been trying to get back into my writing like i used to, spending time before bed, and since i have started to rewrite a story onto my ipad, i have been getting distracted by geometry dash and 123d sculpt xD

I'm pretty fine with it, i guess, but since i also plan on getting a job this year and im going to be drained already from two art classes (at least until next semester, when i'll have Pottery instead of another Drawing class), I have decided that once I get my to-do list done, I will be shortening it. My page says that I try to keep my to-do list at under 5 things, and that Requests are always open, but i am changing that. From now until at least the end of the school year (unless i change my mind), my to-do list will be kept at under 2-3 things and I will be more likely to deny a Request than i already am, unless it is from a friend or a watcher who has been with me for a while. Thanks, and I love you guys ♥♥♥

Update August 29, 14: My parents didn't want to leave my brother's house in Salt Lake City until 7pm sunday, an hour after he was supposed to go to bed (he has work at 2am) and we had a ten-hour drive home, which i had to try to sleep through. This means i got home at 5am monday morning, two hours before i was supposed to be at school xD i've spent this whole week trying to get into the swing of things with school and my free time schedule (my entire high school started using ipads for assignments, notes, studying, etc and i've been busy with my fancy ipad too lol). Unfortunately, though, i still really feel the need to keep my distance from here for a little while longer, since i'm really tired and unadjusted still.

BUT the whole trip was great! i got to spend a lot of time having fun, watching movies, buying milkshakes, and going to the store with a couple of my cousins and we stayed at my mom's sister's house, so we had two delicious meals every day (she didnt bother making lunch since one of her kids had school already), even though breakfast was cold by the time i woke up at like one or noon xD. I got to the Last Bookstore on a thursday instead of the weekend, and while it wasnt quite worth all the effort taken to get there, it was still an amazing place and the best bookstore i have ever been to. While we were in L.A. we saw an artwalk and two different instances where people were probably shooting music videos or something, and then we decided to head to Santa Monica Pier and eat at Bubba Gump's Shrimp co., which was cool. I got to walk down the pier and see all the stuff (souvenir stands with jewelry, shells, etc; several music artists; a couple people doing at with people's names in a matter of minutes; people fishing) and got my name made into art! we stayed there until sunset.
a couple days after that we went to the Sequoia National Park and OH MY GOSH THE TREES. EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL. THE RAVENS WE SAW WERE SO SASSY. We went to see the General Sherman tree and i carved my name into one of its fallen branches that was there (the branch was already covered with names no worries) and it was so humbling to see everything. We waited for the stars to come out so we could see some shooting stars and GOD THEY WERE SO BEAUTIFUL! I COULD SEE THE MILKY WAY! I had no idea there were so many stars to see!
On the drive home there was a massive rain storm in utah, and we drove into it before we even got to Green River, Utah, and it lasted until we got past Grand Junction, Colorado, and WE HAD ONLY BEEN DRIVING THROUGH THE SIDE OF IT. i wish i knew more about it but it was so pretty to keep waking up when we went through rainy patches or when lightning lit up the landscape.
gosh it was beautiful. I'm so happy i could do so much! :D


Every year, my family goes on a two week trip to visit our family in california (we live in colorado), as some of you might have noticed, and it's about that time of year.

there was confusion at my moms work because she got a new boss. she thought she couldnt get time off because she was only supposed to get one week per year. However, her new boss is from tanzania and understands what its like to be far away from family and he told her she now has two weeks every year and so our trip was delayed until now.

sorry if i haven't been online much, this past week, to favorite things or comment or talk. We're heading out this weekend for a straight drive to Salt Lake city, where my oldest brother now lives, to visit him for the weekend, and then we're driving down to Bakersfield/Delano CA to stay with our family for the majority of the two weeks and then hopefully going back to SLC on the way back home (I might miss the first day of school but its no big deal for me). Just a heads up that I most likely will not be online the whole time, maybe once or twice if i can snatch my mom's ipod or my dads laptop for a few minutes. If i do get that chance, i'll just be checking for feedback and i will not be able to go through everything else in my inbox.

However, I also have to spend the whole time until then cleaning the house, getting our cat to like being locked in his carrier for a few minutes at a time (he can only not stand it if he cant see out, but we have to cover the whole thing up so he doesnt know where our house or our cousins' houses are and wont try to get out), and I'll also have to help prepare things and pack everything we need. Because I'm so busy i figured it best If I just say toodles right now and let you know i dont have access to the computer.

for those of you on my to-do list: I really sincerely apologize for taking so long to get everything finished but i have been caught up in getting back into writing and doing more important artwork for a little show i am going to be in a couple months from now and also having to go to work at the library. I WILL be taking a couple of my sketchbooks and a good amount of my art supplies with me and i will try to get all of that finished for you if my extended family allows me the time xD we dont usually do a lot but who knows

Oh, and if any of you guys are in southern california during the next two weeks, I might be going to The Last Bookstore in LA, next weekend (no guarentees on the date) with my mom and/or dad, my brother, and two or more of my cousins (we all look pretty related and me and my two cousins all have glasses) and you can try and go there if you would like to meet me for a sec but dont try to just run up and ask me what my username is xD If anyone cares  about that, I'll try my best to steal someone's device and upate ya on what day i'm going.

So, see you guys in a while! ♥♥♥
  • Mood: Cheerful

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