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Ezpecdat! Welcome!

Proud to be Catholic

If you have any questions, just shoot me a note or a comment!

~I change my webcam a lot, so check back if you want to see them~

Requests - OPEN by iSnowFairy
limit of five things on my to-do list at a time with some exceptions (if there are gifts in the list). Requests are always open, however. send me them and i'll keep track of them. Limit of 2-3 things on the to-do list. Requests are open and will be kept track of, but are less likely to be accepted unless you are a friend or have been a watcher for a while. i have a right to not do them at all if i choose, but i often will.
Trades - ASK ME by iSnowFairy
check if my to-do list is full
Commissions - ASK ME by iSnowFairy

-I can't guarantee I'll do your requests, but please feel free to ask, especially if my to-do list is not full.
-In either an art trade, or a request, you must tell me specifically what you want. If you're not happy with the outcome because you weren't specific, it was your fault.
-I don't want really want your money because i draw for fun.
-All art in my gallery is © me (Hawkpath-tail) and I do NOT allow any use of it in any way, unless I give specific permission to do so
-All of my original species are closed, but you may REQUEST adopts or customs of them.
-Adopts are adopts. They are the only thing in my gallery that costs points/money. My prices are reasonable in relation to the work i put into them.

~Stamp: To Do by ToygerCat~
CoC November Exchange, due Dec 1st
Gift art for Innali
Collab with FlightoftheOwl
Request from StrangeFelon:

AT with Keprion: awaiting her half
AT with luminous-wolfie: awaiting their half
Design Trade with Autumleavesoffall: awaiting her half


Mourning Specters - Original Species by Hawkpath-tail
Mourning Specters - Original Species
hey so remember that species i promised a year ago?
fashionably late...?

So I settled on calling them Mourning Specters (Fleres Animaretur). There are two subspecies, shown above. The one on top is called Martyr (F. Animaretur Beatulus). The one on the bottom is called Sinner (F. Animaretur Peccator).

This ref is not complete, but I decided it was high time i post what I had. Please keep this in mind.
Any rare characteristics listed are not allowed on specters unless I, myself, have made them.

Specters are an open species, but you may only create one as long as you follow guidelines. The species is © Hawkpath-tail (me).
Info for Martyr Specters:
Martyr (plural and singular) are born like horses, with long legs and short bodies. They are able to walk within a half hour of being born, but can barely see and have to rely on their nose and ears. They grow slowly, over two years, until they are fully grown. Typically a mother has 1-2 cubs per litter, and only has a new litter when their cubs no longer rely on them. Martyr live in small groups, like packs, usually led by a mother and father, but there are exceptions. Full grown cubs may leave their group whenever they choose, or not at all, and separate groups led by relatives tend to have close ties. Groups have been known to band together for hunting and scavenging, if there are cubs/mothers/wounded in need of tending. Otherwise, groups do not encroach on others' inhabited area. These groups rarely stay in one place for long, and while they are taller and more nimble than Sinner Specters, they fight less and are equally hunted by larger animals.

Martyr have small wings they use to make themselves look bigger, or to attract mates. A grown Martyr male who has left their group may find another with a favorable mate. He may spend periods of time in different groups until a mate accepts him. He will stay with his mate's group until they have cubs of their own, and then they will leave to start their own, often not going far until their cubs can see. Females who decide to leave their group may simply settle in another and either find a mate or just live there until one comes along. Females are less likely to leave their birth group.

Martyr have one main horn that grows like flower petals, and usually have small horns on the bridge of their noses and above their brows. Females, and ONLY females, can grow horns on their backs. Back horn growths can only grow in the designated areas shown in the picture above, on both sides of their back. They don't always grow any and very rarely do they grow in other areas than shown above.
Martyr can "autohaemorrhage" from places on their nose and both corners of their eyes. This doesnt often hurt them, though the blood can get in their eyes.

Male Martyr are about 3'6" at their shoulder, and females are about 3'4". Males weigh between 90-100 lbs and females weigh between 80-90 lbs. Their fur is much like a wolf's with course fur on top and soft fur underneath. Their muzzles are longer than Sinner muzzles, and their faces and bodies are narrower. The ears are slightly longer and fur covers the body more evenly. They have smaller wings with only a two digits on each wing (each has a talon). Each paw has four toes, and the front paws have very movable "dew claws" that are used  for fighting and hunting.

Info for Sinner Specters:
Sinner (Plural and singular) are born, like puppies, with short legs and big floppy paws. They are deaf and blind and their wings are very small and bare at birth, but Sinner cubs quickly grow a lot of fluff and feathers, and can see and hear after a couple weeks. There are typically two to four in a litter and most don't survive to become full grown at around 1.5 years of age. Sinner live mostly lonely lives, like tigers, only coming together during mating seasons. Mothers raise their own cubs and have been known to visit their grown offspring for a short time if they are not chased off the territory. Each keeps their own territory and fiercely guard it, but rarely, siblings can stay together to bring in better or bigger prey. Females live mostly in trees and are more fierce hunters and fighters. Males tend to live in large simple burrows and only use their wings for fighting (territorial or over mates), while females will use them to aid in climbing. They are smaller that Martyr and are hunted by larger predators just as often, though usually its inferior males who get caught.

Sinner tend to live in coniferous, heavily forested areas. Full grown cubs are forced out of their mother's territory if they dont leave on their own. Males and females alike will go off and mark their own territories or fight older Sinner for theirs. Males tend to have larger territories surrounded by female territories, and typically catch less of the prey they hunt than females. When ready to mate, A female often attracts males from a wide area, who fight over her. females are very picky and will fight and even kill a male who she doesnt like.

Sinner grow two main horns on their heads that grow in layers like shown. They may grow little horns above their brows, as well. Females, and ONLY females, can grow horns on their backs. Up to three horns may grow on each side of their back. There are rare exceptions.
Sinner can autohaemorrhage from only one corner of their eyes.

Male and female Sinner are generally the same height and weight. At the shoulder, that is about 2'10", and weight is around 80 lbs. Their fur is much like a bear's, long and dense with a thick underfur and course layer on top. They have softer belly fur, with males growing more around the neck and belly than a female. Both grow coarser ridges of fur along their necks and back, but a female's is more stiff and prominent, and nearly reaches to their pelvis. Their muzzles are shorter than Martyr muzzles, but just as rounded. Their faces and bodies are slightly broader, and their ears are slightly shorter. Their wings are bigger, each with four digits ending in talons. Their wings are much stronger than a Martyr's. Their paws are bigger and broader, hind paws have four toes, and front paws have five, including a more movable thumb digit. Their tails are also longer, and less fluffy, and female's can use theirs somewhat like a monkey's though not nearly as well.

Specters are smart, but Martyr are more intelligent than Sinner. Larger groups of Martyr Specters often can resemble simple communities, each having a sort of job they typically do better than others in the group, like tracking/forraging, finding shelter, standing guard, fighting off enemies, or caring for the wounded.
Specters have natural colors that tend to camouflage them, though Martyr tend to have crazier or more complex markings, since they don't stay in one place. Their eyes are almond-shaped and are usually blue or green, though shades of amber and brown can exist in Martyr. Certain colors (bright, out-of-place colors in fur; unusual shades of blue, green, or brown in eyes, like copper/red or purple) are rare and are not allowed on Mourning Specters unless I am asked for permission, or make them that way. The same goes for crossbreeds and hybrids of any kind.

Please ask me if you would like to make a Specter that includes any rare trait. I will probably say yes, but please ask anyway.
Wolf versus Libera by Hawkpath-tail
Wolf versus Libera
How I typically draw a wolf (or anthro, either works) versus how I draw, or should be drawing, a Libera (Saker used to demonstrate). Gotta make that a habit.

there is no fluff around the head of a wolf libera, except for their "hair", from jaw to the top of their skull, that is how big it is. not drawn to scale, and anatomy could use a big of work.

to put the size of a libera into perspective, their heads are generally about the same size as a human's head. Saker is not the only exception, but he is quite bigger than the average Wolf Libera.

Due to genetic alterations, a Libera muzzle is shorter than a wild animal's muzzle, and also broader, their lips are more lip-like, their chins are more chinny, their noses kinda fade more into their muzzle, the eyes are different, their cheekbones and foreheads are more pronounced, eyebrow dots are a touch more like eyebrows, the skull is a bit oddly shaped, and the ears are offset.

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